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Talent Publications

Talent Publications are qualitative publications with enriching information, insightful articles and practical resources to inspire creativity and empower lives.

These publications produced by The Talent Publishing are designed to engage, educate and empower you to maximise your creativity, talents and gifts to create wealth, change lives and benefit your community.

Our current editions include: 

Diary of a Grateful Milkman, The Power of Gratitude

Conference Digest 2020, Volume 1 - Amazing Grace

Conference Digest 2020, Volume 2 - Power to Create Wealth

Conference Digest 2020, Volume 3 - Greater Exploits

Vision Digest 2020

Our editions scheduled to be published in 2022 include: 

How to become financially secured by discovering your talent - A Seven Steps Model

Diary of a Coincidental Pastor - Embracing the Divine Appointment in your Disappointments

#RaisingKingdomAchievers Journal

Kingdom Fortunes - Discover the Treasures in the Word 

 Judge Theo, The Final Judgment